Installation Guide

Floor Design

There are many things to consider when preparing for your new floor to be installed. If possible, the current flooring should be removed prior to installation. If you are thinking about replacing a floor, then the amount of sub-floor, or what is under your current floor, becomes very important. Each floor is a special case and has different requirements but a good rule of thumb is to have at least an inch and a quarter of subfloor. This often includes either two layers of plywood or a layer of plywood and one of cement board or similar product. If floor height is an issue, there are products available like Schluter Ditra that are thinner but still very effective.

L.A.H. Tile Artistry will visit your home before the job begins to give a full explanation for what is needed for your particular project.

For more information on the types of tile and which one is right for your project please visit the Tile Selection Guide.

If this is your first stop in starting your project, check out the Recommendations page for a list of people and businesses that L.A.H. Tile Artistry works with on a regular basis.